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Findbugs new version (1.3.2).

Posted on: February 25, 2008

update: this post was as ambitious as a new software tool release post could be. Usually two to three lines some short description of the product and some links to the page, but in this particular case turned out being more than that. Apparently, I began writing my thoughts but it did not took longer to realize it had taken a tribute -like flavor. So be it, findbugs, Java puzzlers and the dynamic duo of Josh Bloch and Bill Pugh, by all means worth it.

New Version of my favourite puzzler solver findbugs. More mature than ever. However, the most interesting approach for those who want to start using this brilliant tool is to do the following in this order described below. Consider it your little ritual that can turn out so pedagogical fruitful, that may astonish and put under serious consideration the confidentiality of even the undisputed java connoisseur.

  1. Buy or borrow the insightful book “Java Puzzlers” and spend 2 weekends in a row studying the examples. Don’t run the puzzlers, but rather try to guess the outcome first and then lay the code to your favourite editor. Is surprisingly funny considering the numerous times you would be proven wrong.
  2. Take a tour on the online material at the brilliant scribd while in parallel, watching the presentation material appreciating the elicit way, speakers interact with the audience.
  3. Download findbugs and take a moment considering how dramatically efficiently traces all these logical bugs, you have been wrestling with, the preceding time.
  4. After becoming a puzzler enthusiast and having the best of luck participating Java One this May, don’t miss their session.

note: I owe you a review on the famous javapuzzlers book, but you can tell more or less the spirit, thumbs up.


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