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Apple’s WebKit Secret Interface.

Posted on: March 1, 2008

Read here that

“Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukicevic recently discovered that Apple’s open-source WebKit browser engine users a number of undocumented framework APIs that Apple hasn’t made accessible to third-party developers. This revelation has sparked a minor controversy which has led some to question if the software company is giving itself an unfair home court advantage. “

I cannot even think what comments would be written, if such a newsflash was released for Microsoft. On the other hand, I couldn’t agree more with FSJ on his partly provoking session about “Linux SecurityHole”. So apparently, the evilness of operating systems in descending order goes as follows

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Apple OSX
  3. Linux (every fucking distro available. Non linux enthusiasts think of every into in the distrowatch.org as the same.

Now that I reconsider, this particular syllogistic would imply that FreeBSD is an operating system from Heaven. But FreeBSD developers do not agree, especially when having this little horn devil as theirs mascot. I am confused, I give up.



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