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Full Client Web App is Eventualy Here ??

Posted on: December 5, 2008

OK I admit it although I am the kind of guy that has followed the mainstream framework curve from MVC server (Struts) to UI renderer Server (JSF, ADF, ASP.NET) and eventually to the client side (GWT, FLEX, Silverlight, ++jquery) which is my final destination and enjoy being here.

So news like NextDB that allow me to have at my distposal a javascript API to make database calls to a cloud ready to serve my needs and scale up in respect to the clients demand, sound exciting.

Note that this is a totally new approach and does not include any gears for local persistence. I recollect having some discussions in the CERN IT group meeting discussing such a possibility over the Grid of course some 2-3 years before.;-)

Can’t wait to get an account and start coding.


2 Responses to "Full Client Web App is Eventualy Here ??"

Ioanni nice ..BUT…I am sort of wondering! Where r u we heading dude? I mean r we transforming our client -side web apps to standalone clients? I mean ..seriously I am getting confused.

We moved from fat clients to thin clients and then….thin clients are getting fat again?


respect ..as usual!

Actually the approach on the design of each project is on a “per se” basis. That is if you have the freedom of technology decision.
If you want transactions security and integration a good JEE Solution would get you through.

Now as far as your question I couldn’t agree more, but from my point of view is more like a consideration than a concern.
Since my involvement in GWT and Flex projects, I consider the server side design patterns for service bundle a pain in the ass. I indeed want my POJO’s to have a nice and happily everyday life both in the server and the client as serialized streams, but Lazy Init Exceptions are always around the corner.

With this design model I have the ability to design scalable applications, without concerning and implementing any special design patterns (smth similar to teracotta actually) and be sure that they scale along to my application.

I tend to use design patterns like SOPHIA {a client based MVC} and this way the server side, which I only use for CRUD and some validation actions, is now left off the picture.

Moreover nowadays I tend to see thick client applications more like a sense of a distributed computing infrastructure and leave aside the classical approach. Do not forget that the buzzword for thin client applications do not necessarily imply thin proceeding models but the lack of installation and deployments. 😉

Finalizing I have to admit that I have been a believer of the cloud a long time ago since 2000 when I first started as an undergrad my Grid and Globus experimentations.

A brave new world !!!

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