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New Project in my incubator. GIS client for Android.

Posted on: February 1, 2009

I have a project with overwhelming budget for GIS and civil protection.
A sub project is a pda GIS system with the ability to export files into
shapefile format, so that could be loaded automatically into an Oracle
Spatial database, over an ArcSDE server. The thing is, that the only
reliable software is ArcPad that I hate both it’s functionality and the
bitter license cost. android-google-maps

From what I am aware of, no open source software with similar
functionality exists. So I have decided to start such an application
under Apache 2.0 license using the google maps API on the Android
Console. Android has grown, to be my favorite mobile framework and
google maps API offers out-of-the-box functionality such as

  1. Coordinates transformation (Here in Greece we need ΕΓΣΑ 87).
  2. Map visualization with raster support.
  3. Polygons poly lines and point capture.
  4. Any kind of API integration. In our case I will use Oracle’s
    Shapefile import/export library. Currently a part of the MapBuilder

Any contributors are welcome. Project will be hosted on google code. Stay tuned for further news.


4 Responses to "New Project in my incubator. GIS client for Android."

Our comapny is very interested in thsi area and would be keen to know more about how far you have got with thsi development

This is a really good idea, I’d love to contribute. I’m looking for basically a replacement for arcpad that you could run on a trimble for field surveys.

Our company prvides aerials images and image hosting for clients, would this be any help to you? We also have some software as well that I know is aplicable to the iphone. I’m not a tech person but if you are interested I can put you in contact with them. Good luck!

Curious to know the progress on implementing this idea?

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