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I have readopted JDO recently. The cause ? Google App Engine’s big table storage model that makes JDO, a storage agnostic framework for persistence, ideal for such implementations.

Some very useful links related to Java on the GAE are following

  1. JRE Class White List A Java App Engine application’s access to the classes in the Java standard library (the Java Runtime Environment, or JRE) is limited to the classes displayed in that link.
  2. Will it Play in App Engine. This google group post aggregates all known java technologies and frameworks with commenting on whether or not they are applicable to the appengine JVM runtime. As we have discussed before limitations to certain JEE classes will stop many of the well adopted frameworks to operate.
  3. Web Services Connector. Due to limitations in the java.net core library many web services client frameworks fail to operate in appengine. Frameworks such as axis, axis2, JAX-WS do not have compatibility since they use not authorized classes. A simple and lightweight alternative is   WSC from people in salesforge.com that generates a simple jar client provided the wsdl document services definition. Another more nasty alternative is to implement the calls to the service by yourself and use JAXB or JIBX or even xmlnbeans to marshal/unmarshal the request/response documents.

As Dimitris first would spread the new !!!


Can Java FX be the next all around player?

We will wait and see if the J2ME failure can be overdone. IMHO no, this is actually the reason why iPhone apps are successful and why Google choose the android distribution channel to be “Per Mobile Manufactor”.

This zoology with all the alternative screen sizes, resolutions, input types and chipsets can only be overpower with device specific agreements!! Not the business or distribution model Sun adopts for java fx.:-(

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Great news for all us portlet developers. JBoss tools 3.0.0 Alpha1 provide extensive support for portlet development. Cant wait to have these tools in my next RHDS bundled version.

Right now exadel and Red Hat provide the most sophisticated toolbox existing in the java world. Ad hoc support to seam, jsf, drools, jbpm, hibernate, spring to name a few technologies in a single IDE platform with the addition. The late addition of portlet support strengthens the armosy so much that only Oracle with JDeveloper merged with BEA weblogic can provide some resistnace.


Lately I for a project involving a major Greek telco, I am in the seek for a good  ISO-8583 based financial transaction solution. So after some googling around I found and have been experimenting with jPOS. jPOS is “a Java® platform-based, mission-critical, ISO-8583 financial framework that can be customized and extended in order to implement financial interchanges”.


jPOS provides electronic payment and related solutions to retailers, payment processors and banks around the world.

Is considered the de-facto OpenSource implementation of the international ISO-8583 standard giving you greater strategic freedom and lower costs. We are in production use in over 70 countries processing literally thousands of transactions every single second, 7x24x365.

If eventually we go with this solution, I will be back on this,  with more comments and experiences from developement and production phases.

Licensing is under GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE for non commercial uses and a commercial license that includes support and consulting is also available.

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