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eIQimageOK most of you are aware that I am in the proposal writing industry (yiap, innovation and project writing defines a multibillion industry) and I ahve to admit there is no tool as inspiring as google RSS reader. My feeds span all the ne and emerging technology fields, so I digest more that 2000 feeds per day on many interdisciplinary areas. The inspiration mechanism works as follows in a rather GTD compliant way I might add, each good and possible product-creation idea I find, I share and star with the appropriate tagging for easily retrieval. Some times I send it immediately to friends and colleagues more relevant to the subject or that I know they are on something similar at that time. Ideas also are parsed from my rss and taxonomized in a managed news drupal installation, facilitating all nice features feeds API provides. Therefore when a new call is launched the only thing I have to do is feed my neurons with quality input and let synapses fire their best to come up with something innovative at the edge of scientific research both applied and principal. Cool documented and repeatable process that always has results. In addition, always ask why and always book some time for brainstorming with colleagues since this is when real thing are getting done in the idea formation perspective.

My motivation to write all these things down was an idea we came up for an energy governance home device that attaches on your household’s electrical board inspired from here, provided and implemented from eiqenergy.

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I have about 600-700  subscriptions at the moment, to  blogs and news sources (which ia actually more like a dynamic equilibrium), most of then spanning my primary domain of interest which is ict. I love Google reader both on my macbook and my android (via reader/m), so time allocation charts show a fair 2-3 hours/day focus on this information digestion process.

Many time when nothing interesting happens and you get stuck with short-titled-luck-of-interest-post tornado, I always find it relaxing to get 1-2 post in my feds like this one I got this morning from fleshbot.

Such posts can realy make your day !!

[ps. no photo accompaniyng this post!]

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