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Sometimes a universal conjunction happens and you appear to be in the middle. Yesterday my S3Fox FF pluggin was denying me the privilege to create a bucket located in Amazon‘s Europe datacenter. Seemed to be a mallformed encoding issue on the url post of my secter key from the client. I figured what the hell, different server locations different locals or somenhting and blamed Amazon. Apparently, though this was ridiculous,  took me much to figure out. Story goes as follows, after 30 minutes of coping with the problem I did a firefox restart due to memory being up to 1GB. Right after ff restart, I saw an S3Fox update that completely solved the problem. Astonishing how this coincidence worked out things. I wonder when will be the time where software will be build automatically and bugs will also treated by robots “in client presence”. Now that I reconsider it though, there will be no more bugs on software, but only features so proving truth to the old IT saying about bugs and features.


Twitter is down for ms, but for the fifth time the last 3 days.


Just ordered Pirate Bay t-shirt from here. Supporting Pirate Bay’s gentle cause and trial expenses. Free Software and media for our children. Legacy issues urged me to be a fun ;-).

Google gave me the insights.

story of my life …

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Some classical Monty Pythons for starters.

Since many IP renewals are taking place in Technical University ofAthens and especially Physics department, not to mention the unstable UPS support, I give up by transfering my web blog to wordpress. Reliable solution to guarantee zero downtimes. At least this is my expectation.

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