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The first tutorial concerns the creation of cubes with the analytic workspace manage. More precisely as OBE article states.

In this tutorial, you use the Analytic Workspace Manager 11g (AWM 11g) tool to build an OLAP cube. You:
* Create a cube and its dependent components, including:
o Dimensions
o Measures (stored and calculated)
* Map the OLAP model to source data
* Enable MV rewrite to the cube
* Load data into the dimensions and measures
* View the OLAP data

The second one build on top of the first makes advanced use of the BI package to create and execute simple queries against the already existing cubes.

In this tutorial, you query OLAP data that was created using Analytic Workspace Manager 11g (AWM 11g). Using SQL Developer, you query OLAP cubes directly using SQL.

You learn how to create analytic reports of cube data, including both stored and calculated measures, and apply techniques that leverage unique characteristics of cubes.

Optionally, you learn how SQL summary queries against the relational fact table may be automatically re-written to the cube using Cube MVs.

A sample database schema can be found here. IMHO is a pretty good workout for vacations time plus that you wil get an idea of how analytic workspaces work on Oracle 11g.


Deadline Extended for the 3rd International Conference on Adaptive Business Information Systems [aka ABIS 2009] which will be held in Leipzig, Germany at 23-25 March 2009.

Actually I was thinking of participating but everyday obligations could not push it into my schedule.

The paper submission deadline now is after Christmas holidays which actually means plenty of time to concentrate and write down, a decent abstract on my latest “context aware scripting library for distributed environments”.

More Info on the Conference page and the public release for the extension.

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