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I have been astonished by the code review and potential bug reporting mechanism of Enerjy and like any self-respectful geek, I have installed it in my eclipse platform and stated bug hunting. I used as a test source, some code I had written in a very time limited project, which I have not when started re factoring. The results were not so faltering for my code, but this is fine,  since I have a guideline where to start fixing things.

Enerjy has also a very nice twitter alike promo video that explains how it works and provide useful information on how code metrics are handled with probabilistic procedures. The basic idea is that they have a code base with known symptoms that produce bugs in the long term maintenance and refactoring process and by Maxwellians and Gaussians they provide an overall indication of your code as opposed to the patterns in the database. Pretty much similar like the IQ test we all are familiar with. The state

Some of those symptoms are direct indications of problems that can be addressed. We call those causal metrics. An example might be the use of curly braces around single statement if/then clauses. Adding the braces will directly reduce the likelihood of bugs.

It is also very interesting that the first in list with the most healthy projects is Commons Chain.

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