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I am in D’dorf the capital of Nordrhein-Westfalen for a kick off meeting on a project that involves travel industry and the Greek National Tourism Organizartion (aka EOT). During my presence here, I am staying in  Neuss Holiday Inn which is though to be a five star hotel, at least in the papers.

Anyway, it was necesery to have internet access on my Dell 430, so I could work between meetings, since back in Athens I have 3 projects running.  I was advised to BUY (no free internet in this hotel guys) a 40 euro card for 5 days which was considered the economy offer. Here I have to mention that in Athens we actually have so many open hot spots (see papo’s wifi map for reference), which makes no sense to pay for internet access in year 2008 and even worse when you are in Germany were the network infrastructure is ages ahead of Greece.  Anyway, I payed my 40 euros but I ended to provide expert services to the reception guy on how to make some restarts to the router in daily basis, since either the connection  was slow, signal was poor or  ever invisible without even getting the SSID. Tragedy.

Furthermore about the services, I have ordered two days in a row a double espresso in my room where I had setup a small remote office, the first day I had a cold coffee after 45 min and the seconfd the coffee did not make it at all to my room ;-). Furthermore one day that I decided that I had to much work and that I should probably eat at the hotel resautant it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to actually order and get served. I could continue by mentioning that on afternoon I had no warm water and many other small incidents that when accumulated you say ok we have been punked here.

Anyhow,  I do not know why the overal services are so disapointing but I know that the previous week when I was in Krete with on my vacation leave I found some cheap hotel for overnight sleep without so awfull service free Internet (which for me is a non go issue ) and only 35 euros per night.

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