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Symbian and iPhone saw declines.

Numbers never lie and in our case prove what we are saying quite a while now. Android is here to stay, no sorry, to dominate the market is the right expression. No more writing tons of Objective C code to achieve a transition and a button. Just put your Apache libraries along with your project and deploy. Not to mention Apple’s policy of app acceptance and review policy. Put also in the equation the massive device support for Android by the end of this year and you get the picture. Android has already overcome Windows Mobile and growing.

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App Sketchbook providers a flexible way to integrate and communicate concepts between sales teams and development. With features like

  • Three actual-size iPhone templates per page
  • Pixel (20px) ruler and title bar markings
  • Ruled section for app development notes
  • Sketch 600 Screens (100 double-sided pages)

you should bet that will come handy in client meetings for wireframming and panning meetings with your development team.

My pad was shipped in Greece in 7 working days and total cost along with shipping something more than 20 euros.


This can definitely boost twitter usability to the maximum. The extremely interesting thing here is how they have overcome some intrinsic problem of mobile development such as memory and CPU circles. A voice recognition software – that works decently not like most of pre installed functionality in late year mobile devices – is pretty demanding and has great implications over voice systax and multilingual aspects.

As we have noted in previous posts, iPhone – and in general the mobile phone metaphor –  is turning in personality mirror, since it performs more than 80% of everyday tasks an average user is in need when he thinks of technology.

Next best thing for all of us doing actually embedded programming – on top of iPhone SDK and android – will be a web service for voice recognition. You hear me there in Google, open an API to Google Voice for speech recognition asap.

Image representing IPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

Since I have exaggerated a little lately as an active consumer having the GSXR my old Nolan helmet is just not sufficient enough. No so much on the safety domain as in the riding experience since after 200 km/h starts to whistles a lot.

So my budget is 400 euro and I am thinking between Arai RX-7 from ebay or iPhone with Vodafone Hellas new connection. This is a big delima for a geek like me who wants his mind to operate constanly in gadget land but also want to have this mind safely in his head for doing it so.

License implications concerning distribution and tool usage, on the iPhone SDK versus open source java development tool, poses a serious constraint on migration process of JVM on the iPhone.

IMHO this is more or less anticipated, Apple has adopted a close source and centralized application distribution, policy which obviously conflicts with java open development scheme nature.

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