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I remember back in the 2004, I was a summer student at the temple of high energy physics. (aka Cern complex in Geneva). That time, there was a rumor – more like an extreme scenario now that I reconsider – which implied that in the bean collision center, the energy density could be so high that a vacuum fluctuation could be resonated and amplified, to lead to the creation of a mini black hole, like the ones assumed in the early universe.

Cern community took this possibility seriously and a committee was appointed to look into the actual words of that statement. The experts committee concluded that this probability was sot tiny that did not posed a serious threat to global security. 😉

These days when reading about the initialization of the greater experiment human king haw perform, I have been reading some republications of this extremely high scenario. Odds state that is more likely for our plane to experience cataclysmic changes on a meteorite collision than to be absorbed by a tiny black hole created 300m under a lake in Swiss-France Boarders.


Cern Courier of that time.

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